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Vol. 55, November 10th, 2014


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Person of the week

Isseki Yu



From the Office

The office of iTHES assistant, Ms.Chikako Oota is situated at the second floor of the main research building, room # 246. The extension number is 3261. She will be at the office from 10 a.m. to 16 p.m.


The work by Dr. Shinya Wanajo in ithes-phys team and his collaborators about the origin of heavy elements was featured in the SPOT NEWS of the Nov. issue of RIKEN NEWS.
See the cover page and page 12.

Dr. Emiko Hiyama in ithes-phys team will give a public lecture "Introduction to 3 and 4 body problems in Micro-world" in the afternoon of Nov.20, 2014 at Tokyo Convention Hall.

Upcoming Events

iTHES-IPMU-Osaka Joint SymposiumNov. 6 (Thu.) 2014 at Kavli IPMU, Univ. Tokyo http://www.ipmu.jp/

Keynote speakers:
Tetsuo Hatsuda (iTHES/Nishina): iTHES overview
Hiroshi Ooguri (Kavli IPMU/Caltech): Particle Physics
Eiichiro Komatsu (Kavli IPMU/MPA): Cosmology
Franco (iTHES/CEMS):Condensed Matter
Koichi Fujimoto (Osaka): Theoretical Biology
Contact: Hiro Nagataki


Nov.5, 10:30-11:30
Jooyoung Lee (Center for In Silico Protein Science, KIAS, Korea)
"Protein Structure Modelling by Global Optimization using Sparse and Ambiguous NOE restraints"
Room 435-437 in the Main Research Building

Nov. 11, 13:30-
Jonathan H. Manton (Univ. of Melbourne)
"Optimization on Manifolds, and Optimization Geometry"
S406, Bioscience Building 4F

Nov.12, 14:00-15:00
Keitaro Takahashi (Kumamoto Univ.)
"New Era of Astronomy with Square Kilometre Array"
Room 224-226 in the Main Research Building

Nov.13, 15:00-17:00
Yasumichi Aoki (KMI, Nagoya Univ.)
"Topics in conformal lattice QCD"
Room 433 in the Main Research Building

Event report

The joint symposium by Kavli IPMU, Riken iTHES and Osaka TSRP entitled "Frontiers of Theretical Science-MATTER, LIFE and COSMOS," was held on November 6th at the lecture hall of Kavli IPMU in the Kashiwa campus of the University of Tokyo. The introduction by T. Hatsuda and the opening address by Yasuhiro Yukimatsu, the Director of Basic Research Promotion Division, Research Promotion Bureau, MEXT, were followed by the lectures by the prominet speakers such as Hiroshi Ooguri (KIPMU/Caltech), Hitoshi Murayama (KIPMU/Berkeley) and Eiichiro Komatsu (MaxPlanck/KIPMU) from KIPMU, and Koichi Fujimoto from Osaka University. From RIKEN iTHES, Franco Nori and Yui Sugita gave talks. There were also talks by postdocs from participating institutes.

The symposium attracted more than 100 keen audience and every talk was followed by perceptive questions and lively discussions. The discussions went on over lunch, coffee break which was held at KIPMU's magnificent lounge,and the banquet.

Person of the Week

Hello, my name is Isseki Yu, I am working as a researcher of the iTHES project from November 2014. My research target is protein dynamics and interactions in cellular environment. Bio-macromolecules occupy about 30% of the whole cell volume. Cellular environment is therefore strongly crowded solution environment. To understand how proteins move, interact, and function in such crowded environment is one of the biggest question of biology. To understand them, I am performing gigantic-scale molecular dynamics simulation on K computer (the system is consist of 100000000 atoms) in collaboration with researches in Theoretical Molecular Science Lab., (Yuji Sugita team) RIKEN. As this research aims to bridge structural biology (molecule) and system biology (life), longitudinal discussion with other iTHES member is always welcomed.


Prof. Gordon Baym, Univ. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
cold atom physics, condensed matter physics, dense matter and neutron stars
Nov.14 - Nov.25, 2014
room 433 (4th floor, main building)