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Vol. 57, November 25th, 2014


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Person of the week



From the Office

The office of iTHES assistant, Ms.Chikako Oota is situated at the room # 246. The extension number is 3261. She will be at the office from 10 a.m. to 16 p.m.



The 2014 Hiroshi Takuma Memorial Prize of Matsuo Foundation was awarded to Franco Nori (ithes-cond team leader) for his outstanding contributions to the atomic physics and quantum optics uisng the superconducting circuits. This is the first time that this prize was given to non-Japanese. The awarding ceremony was held in Tokyo on Oct. 29.
Congratulations, Franco !


The 2014 Young Scientist Award in Theoretical Particle Physics was awarded to 
Takuta Kanazawa (ithes-phys team) for his work on "Adjoint QCD on R3 x S1 with twisted fermionic boundary conditions" JHEP 1406 (2014) 181 with Dr. T. Misumi (Keio Univ.). This work treats the fundamental aspects of the phase structure of the non-abelian gauge theory and has potential impact on the lattice QCD simulations, quark confinement mechanism, super symmetric gauge theories, and the theory with extra dimensions.
Congratulations, Takuya !



Koji Hashimoto and Tetsuo Hatsuda (ithes-phys team) explain the standard model of elementary particles and beyond in the RIKEN video library "From High School Science to Forefront Researches: Particle Physics " (in Japanese)
See also a related video library:
Enjoy !

Event report

On Nov.20, Prof. G. Baym (senior visiting scientist of RIKEN iTHES and Prof. Emeritus of Univ. Illinois at Urbana Champaign) gave a talk on "The Superfluid Mass Density and the Landau Criterion for Superfluidity". More than 40 people from various groups in RIKEN attended the seminar held in room 433 (main research building). The topic was on the superfluidity of low temperature condensed matter systems, the temperature of the seminar room was quite high by the lively talk and heated discussions. Thanks Gordon !


Prof. Gordon Baym, Univ. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
cold atom physics, condensed matter physics, dense matter and neutron stars
Nov.14 - Nov.25, 2014
room 433 (4th floor, main building)

Dr. Haoning HE (University of California, Los Angeles, USA))
Physics of Astrophysical Big Bang
November 20- December 20,2014
Room 220( 2nd floor, main building)