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Vol.68 new, February 17th, 2015


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Paper of the week

Yohimasa Hidaka, Toshifumi Noumi and Gary Shiu


"Effective field theory for spaceatime symmetry breaking"

From the Office

The office of iTHES assistant, Ms.Chikako Oota is situated at the second floor of the main research building, room # 246. The extension number is 3261. She will be at the office from 10 a.m. to 16 p.m.

Upcoming Events

iTHES Seminar
Feb.26 (Thurs.) 13:30-
H. Tsukaya (Univ. Tokyo)
"Unsolved enigmas on mechanisms of unifacial leaf morphogenesis" (in Japanese)
Place: RIKEN Wako Campus, Bioscience building S406

iTHES international workshop
April 7 - 10, 2015
iTHES-NCBS 2nd Joint Meeting on "Theoretical Biology"
Venue: RIKEN Wako Campus
A. Mochizuki (ithes-bio), Y. Sugita (ithes-bio), T. Hatsuda (ithes-phys), M.Thattai (NCBS)
Contact: A. Mochizuki (mochi@riken.jp)
Sponsors: RIKEN iTHES and Simons Centre at NCBS (http://theory.ncbs.res.in/)

Paper of the week

"Effective field theory for spaceatime symmetry breaking"
Yohimasa Hidaka, Toshifumi Noumi and Gary Shiu

Symmetry and its spontaneous breaking play an important role in various areas of science. In particular, the low-energy effective field theory (EFT) based on the underlying symmetry structures provides a powerful framework for understanding the low-energy dynamics in the symmetry broken phase. In this paper we discussed theoretical aspects of EFT for spacetime symmetry breaking. We illustrated that, in contrast to the internal symmetry case, the local symmetry viewpoint (such as the general coordinate invariance) is useful to construct the effective theory in the spacetime symmetry broken phase.

Although the present paper focused on theoretical aspects, there are various possible applications of our discussions. For example, the cosmological evolution generically breaks the time translation symmetry. The lattice and layer structures of condensed matters break the translation and rotation symmetries. Fluid dynamics can be also understood from the spacetime symmetry point of view. We are now working on several applications including cosmic inflation and condensed matter physics. We hope that such spacetime symmetry viewpoint is also useful in other areas such as theoretical biology and we could start some interdisciplinary collaborations in iTHES.


Prof. Adam Miranowicz (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland)
Quantum Information, Quantum and Atom Optics, Nanoscience, Entanglement Theory, Non-classicality
January 10th to March 10th, 2015.
Main Research Building 3F, room 308 (ex. 3352).