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Vol. 106, December 14th, 2015


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Person of the week

Emiko Hiyama


Marie Curie - a pioneer of the research on radioactivity

From the Office

The office of iTHES assistant, Ms.Chikako Oota is situated at the second floor of the main research building, room # 246. The extension number is 3261. She will be at the office from 10 a.m. to 16 p.m.


The first Colloquium for 2016

We will start the activity of iTHES for the year 2016 with the iTHES colloquim by Prof. Masato Okada from the University of Tokyo. Please note the date and join the colloquium.

14th iTHES Colloquium
January 7th (Thu.) 15:00-
Prof. Masato Okada (University of Tokyo)
Place: Okochi Hall (C32)

Title:"Sparse modeling and data-driven science"


Upcoming Events

14th iTHES Colloquium

January 7th (Thu.) 15:00-
"Sparse modeling and data-driven science"
Prof. Masato Okada (University of Tokyo)
Place: Okochi Hall (C32)
I introduce a project, called “the Initiative for High-dimensional Data-Driven Science through Deepening of Sparse Modeling ”. The aim of this project is to establish a novel framework to make the tight connection of information science to the original purpose of data analysis derived from various scientific disciplines, namely, data-driven science. We consider sparse modeling as a key technology of the data-driven science. In this talk, I mention basic concept of the sparse modeling, and concretely explain that sparse modeling promotes extraction of latent structure in electrophysiological data. Through the project, we have become convinced that the three levels pointed out by David Marr give a novel insight into data-driven science, and propose three levels of data-driven science [1].

[1] Igarashi, Nagata, Kuwatani, Omori, Nakanishi-Ohno and Okada, “Three Levels of Data-Driven Science”, submitted to Proc. of HD3-2015 , 2015.

Event report

RIKEN Symposium on
AI (Advanced Intelligence) to be pioneered by RIKEN Researchers"
was held at Okochi Hall on Nov. 28 (Sat.), 2015.
There were 10 talks ranging from Quantum Computer to Machine Learning? + a lively panel discussions. From iTHES, Tatemasa Miyoshi in ithes-mcc team gave an impressive talk on the Weather Prediction and AI. Also, Shigehiro Nagataki in ithes-mcc team gave an overview of iTHES project and its future plan. More than 120 people attended the Symposium inside and outside of RIKEN, and heated discussions on the future of AI and the role to be played by RIKEN.

The speakers and titles of the talks were as follows:
* Y. Nakamura (CEMS) "Quanta and AI"
* S. Nagataki (iTHES) "Mathematical Science and AI"
* M. Nikaido (ACCC) "Measurement Technology and AI"
* J. Makino (AICS) "AI and AC (Advanced Computer)"
* T. Miyoshi (AICS) "Weather Prediction and AI"
* K. Mochida (CSRS) "Environmental Researches and AI"
* T. Tsunoda (IMS) "Medicine and AI"
* T. Toyoizumi (BSI) "Brain and Machine Learning"
* M. Taiji (QBiC) "Brain Type Computer"
* K. Takahashi (QBiC) "4th Industrial Revolution and AI"

The 8th International Workshop on "Fundamental Physics Using Atoms" (FPUA2015) was held in Ookochi hall, Riken on Nov. 30th and Dec. 1st. About 80 people have attended this workshop. There were more than 30 talks, and about 20 poster presentations. The main concept of the conference is to probe fundamental theories of particle physics using various atomic or molecular level observables. The search for fundamental physics is one of the most important subject of particle physics. The search for new theories in particle physics is now working at high energy scale, at TeV scale or beyond, and the most popular approach to unveil those new physics is collider experiments, with the Large hadron collider at the head of the list. The atomic and molecular level search of fundamental physics is also a very competitive approach. The atomic and molecular experiments can probe those TeV scale new physics through the quantum intermediate states with very precise measurements.
Important topics presented in this workshop were:
* Search for fundamental symmetry violations using atomic and molecular observables.
* Search for axion dark matter.
* Precise measurement of neutrino physics using atoms.
* Search for non-Newtonian gravitational interaction at short range.
* Search for deviation of fundamental constants.
Each topic has the potential to obtain the Nobel prize, if discovered.

Person of the Week

Emiko Hiyama who is a PI in ithes-phys team appeared on the television program as a guest together with the astrophysicist, Ryo Ikeuchi:
"Marie Curie - a pioneer of the research on radioactivity"
It was broadcasted on Nov.26, 2015 by NHK BS.
Hope that the program will be rerun in the near future for those who have missed it.