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Person of the week

Franco Nori



From the Office

The office of iTHES assistant, Ms.Chikako Oota is situated at the first floor of the main research building, room # 159. The extension number is 3185. She will be at the office from 10 a.m. to 16 p.m. except on Wednesday.

Upcoming Event

Event Report


On Feb.18, 2014, 2nd QCD Study Group supported by iTHES-phys team was held at room 433 in the main research building. Prof. M. Sato (Nagoya University) gave a lecture on the "Topological Quantum Phenomena" for about 2 hours starting from 15:00. There were lively discussions on the topological superconductors and their classification by discrete symmetries with almost 20 participants from RIKEN, Univ. Tokyo, Keio Univ., Kanazawa Univ., and Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.

Person of the Week


Franco Nori

Greetings! I am Franco Nori, a member of the Interdisciplinary Condensed Matter Physics Team. I have done research at various places, including the Universities of Illinois, California, and Michigan. In January 2002, I moved to RIKEN. Our group here performs research in theoretical condensed matter physics, quantum information processing, transport phenomena, and solar energy. Our research work is interdisciplinary and also explores the interface between atomic physics, quantum optics, nano-science, and computing. We are also studying nano-mechanics, hybrid quantum electro-mechanical systems, quantum nano-electronics, quantum emulators, artificial photosynthesis, and light-to-electricity conversion. Particular emphasis is placed on superconducting Josephson-junction qubits, scalable quantum circuitry and improved designs for their quantum control. An underlying theme of our work is to better understand nano-scale quantum systems and devise methods to control them. We use physical models to make predictions that can be tested experimentally and that can be used to better understand the observed phenomena.



Dr. Stefan Gandolfi
(Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM, USA) Quantum Monte Carlo calculation for nuclei and cold atoms Feb. 23 -Mar. 1, 2014 room 159 (1st floor, main building)


Prof. Bijay Kumar Agrawal
(Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics) Pairing
reentrance in hot rotating nuclei Mar. 15 - 31,2014 room 159 (1st floor, main building)


Dr. Tran Viet Nhan Hao
(Tan Tao University) Nuclear Physics, Computational Physics Mar 15 - 30, 2014 room 159, (1st floor, main building)


Prof. Lembit Sihver
(Chalmers University of Technology, SWEDEN)
Nuclear Science and Engineering
Jan.20th - March 20th, 2014
room 302 (3rd floor, RIBF building)


Prof. Igor Shovkovy
(Arizona State University)
physics of graphene, quantum field theory,
dense matter in nuclear/particle physics.
March 2 - March 15, 2014
room 433 (4th floor, main research building)


Prof. Gordon Baym
(Univ. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
cold atom physics, condensed matter physics,
dense matter and neutron stars
March 18 - April 10, 2014
room 433 (4th floor, main research building)