Vol.32, January 1st, 1970


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Person of the week

Masato Taki



From the Office

The office of iTHES assistant, Ms.Chikako Oota is situated at the first floor of the main research building, room # 159. The extension number is 3185. She will be at the office from 10 a.m. to 16 p.m. except on Wednesday.

iTHES mini-workshop next week

There will be a mini-workshop held next week as follows. Please refer to K. Hattori (RIKEN) / T. Hatsuda (RIKEN iTHES) for further information or inquiry.

iTHES Mini-workshop on "Strong-Field Physics"
date: May 29 (Thu.) 2014
place: Room 433, 4th-floor, Main Research Building, RIKEN
11:00-11:45 K. Hattori (RIKEN)
Photon propagations in strong magnetic fields
11:45-12:30 T. Tomaru (KEK)
Vacuum Birefringence and Axion measurement by laser interferometer
1:45-2:30 T. Tamagawa (RIKEN)
X-ray polarimetry satellite GEMS and beyond
2:30-3:15 M. Barkov (RIKEN)
Close binary progenitors of gamma-ray bursts and hypernovae
3:35-4:20 T. Moritaka and H. Takabe (ILE, Osaka University)
Gamma Ray Emission and Induced Vacuum Breakdown
with High-Intensity Pulse Laser
4:20-5:05 T. Ebisuzaki (RIKEN)
Astrophysical ZeV acceleration along the jets of an accreting blackhole

Upcoming Events

Person of the Week


Masato Taki

Hello, I am Masato Taki. This May, I joined the iTHES group. I received my PhD from Tokyo university in 2009, and then I moved to YITP in Kyoto as a postdoc researcher. In 2012, I came to RIKEN as a special postdoctoral researcher, and I have moved to this iTHES group in this month. My main research fields are superstring theory and gauge theory. In the past several years, I have been interested especially in applications of the localization method that sometimes enables us to calculate analytically and exactly the path integral of quantum field theories. In addition, I have also started working on theoretical study of invisibility cloaking devices, which become a real possibility because of many developments in fabrication of metamaterials. I hope to expand this research direction through discussions with the iTHES members.